Scribble Sound makes music for ads, films, television, radio, video games, the web, and that holographic surround sound wristwatch you just invented. We love composing custom music, but also have a growing catalog of existing tracks that might be just what you're looking for. what we can do for you.

Chief Scribbler Andy Thompson's compositions and productions have been licensed by Target, Garmin (Super Bowl ad and AICP award nomination for original music), Saturday Night Live, VICE News, The Voice, Goodyear, Sprint, Best Buy, The Minnesota Twins, Coleman, Lifetime Fitness, The Climate Reality Project, Ellis Island Foundation, TLC, NBC, ABC, CW, ESPN, and Cartoon Network. He's also scored some award-winning short films along the way. He's studied everything from Bartók to the Beastie Boys, and has a degree in classical composition lying around here somewhere. He loves challenges and real instruments, but also digs deadlines and will take a nicely sampled Wurlitzer any day.

Under the cover of night, Andy can be found making music with the likes of Jeremy Messersmith, BOY, Dan Wilson, Taylor Swift (including a Grammy nomination for Red), The Minnesota Orchestra, Dessa, Belle and Sebastian, Daniel Johnston, Kevin Steinman, Colbie Caillat, Atmosphere, Mike Doughty, and Puffy AmiYumi.